Undivided Care

Undivided Care manages your property from end to end to optimize your return while minimizing obstacles and expenses.

WE are your personal liaison

Requests, repairs, replacements, we handle it all. By freeing up your time, you can plan for the future.


Condo Leasing

‍Our condominium leasing service offers a comprehensive array of features designed to streamline the leasing process and reduce the time spent managing finances, including:
  • Seamless collaboration with building management for efficient leasing processes
  • Handling of leases to ensure a hassle-free experience for clients
  • Intuitive online platform providing landlords with full property management visibility
  • Ticketing system for prompt issue resolution
  • Convenient rent payment processing with direct deposit via ACH
  • Comprehensive accounting reports are provided at year-end for tax purposes
Online Rent and Financial
Lease Management
Maintenance and Requests
Apartment Turnover Services
Tech Savvy

We utilize software that easily tracks all incoming and outgoing payments, ensuring that you have an easy to read report at the end of the year.

Vetted Partners

We work with some rather stellar professionals but always feel free to use your own contacts for such things as painting, cleaning, etc.

Cost to You

All of our expertise, just for you, for a nominal fee.

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