Rental Process

Thank you for your interest in applying for one of our exclusive rental listings. In order to move forward with a rental application, there is a two step approval process.

To begin the process, you will need to complete Step 1 - Landlord Review. To locate the building specific fees, scroll down the page. Once the Landlord has agreed to proceed with your package, we will advise you to begin Step 2 - Board Package.

Step 1 - Landlord Review

Once you are ready to begin the rental application process, notify the agent and they will send you a rental application link online. There will be a non-refundable $20 application fee. You are required to upload the following supplemental documents:

1. Last two years tax returns in full
2. Last three months most recent bank statements
3. Last two most recent pay stubs
4. Employment verification letter
5. Landlord verification letter
6. Photo ID

All occupants over 18 must submit an application including credit check, and a copy of their photo ID (this includes Guarantors).

Complete applications with agreed upon terms are processed on a first come first serve basis. Incomplete applications will cause a delay in processing.

Step 2 - Board Package

Requires landlord direction to proceed to Step 2.

A digital link will be sent to you to begin the board package.

All fees, including the first month's rent and security deposit, building fees and broker fee (if applicable) along with any required insurance policies as noted in your lease, are due at the time of lease signing.

The board application processing and approval process can take some time, so keep that in mind when considering your lease term start date.

For more information on our process or the approval timeframe, please reach out to us directly.


Building fees are subject to change without notice and are set directly by the buildings.
Please find the building you are interested in below to view the associated fees.

1 Powers Street
70 Little West Street, The Visionaire
330 East 38th Street, The Corinthian
303 East 33rd Street
959 First Ave, The Sutton
170 West 23rd Street, Chelsea Seventh Condo

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