Our Singular Mission

With unwavering dedication to our clients and a passion for excellence, we are redefining the standard of service, making every real estate journey a seamless and exceptional experience.

Led by managing broker Mukul "Micky" Lalchandani, Undivided aims to provide first-class service within the real estate market. By building personal relationships with clients, the team can better serve their needs and help them navigate the New York City real estate market. Undivided is committed to walking clients through the process of buying NYC real estate every step of the way, whether a first-time buyer, a foreign buyer, or someone looking for their next investment opportunity in New York City. We've built a reputation for real estate excellence, creating a client list based primarily on glowing recommendations and stellar five-star reviews and with over $185M in closed sales and counting. In addition to assisting clients, Micky shares his expert advice as a consultant to agents and as a content creator on YouTube with over 35,000 subscribers.

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The undivided experience
Undivided Team
When you work with Undivided, you get a real estate agency that walks you through the Manhattan real estate process from beginning to end. We will carefully explain each step to you, answering your questions and ensuring you have the information you need to proceed confidently with the transaction. You'll have our undivided attention, loyalty, and service through it all.
Undivided Attention
When you become an Undivided client, you'll have the full attention of the entire team. This ensures that we are able to meet your needs with a superior approach to customer service and a keen eye for detail. You'll know that we always have time for your call and will always be available for showings or at the negotiation table.
Undivided Loyalty
Undivided is here for you every step of the way. We understand that finding the perfect Manhattan property can take time. Sometimes, clients need several years before they find the right place. That's okay. We will be your dedicated real estate team, no matter how long it takes to find a property that suits your needs and budget, for now and long into the future.
Undivided Service
We’ll be there to provide information, make recommendations, and ensure you are thrilled with the property you are buying. When you work with Undivided, we will promptly respond to your questions with accurate information. You can also count on us to always act professionally and courteously, making every interaction with the team positive. We’re committed to delivering a level of service you haven't experienced in NYC before.
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Awards & Accolades

RealTrends America’s Best Real Estate Professionals for 2023
#134 by volume in NY State & #56 in Manhattan

Highly Commended Real Estate Agency Marketing New York 2016-2017 by the Americas Property Awards

Best Real Estate Agency Marketing in 2012-2013

HGTV’s “House Hunters”

Mukul appeared as the hosting agent for HGTV’s “House Hunters” in New York City. In recalling the experience, he says, “It made me realize how critical video can be in marketing, so I soon added it to the future of my business planning. Thank you, HGTV!”

So Many 5-Star Reviews

We've built a reputation for real estate excellence, creating a client list based primarily on glowing recommendations. Our clients love what we do.

@newbuildclub on YouTube

Mukul is on a relentless journey to educate and advise buyers and sellers on turning their dreams into a NYC address. Follow along each week as he simplifies the complexities of buying and selling real estate in New York City. Check it out now!




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