Hudson Yards

New York’s most modern neighborhood with hip hustle and bustle and curated community conveniences.


Welcome to Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is a burgeoning center of culture that’s helping to redefine New York City living. Sustainably designed to help propel New York’s urban model into the future, this incredible new community features fantastic restaurants, chic new residences, stunning skyscrapers, and beautiful parks. Among these beautiful new structures are some of New York’s most cutting-edge architectural feats, including interactive public art buildings and new theaters. Hudson Yards Real Estate is also in one of New York's most walkable neighborhoods, with fourteen acres of public recreational space and access to the northern end of The High Line. Here, luxury culture pairs with stunning new large residential spaces, allowing locals to balance the best of the city’s urban rhythm with secluded, peaceful home living.

Powered by a remarkable multicultural past, Chelsea’s wonderfully creative community pushes itself to the forefront of New York’s continued innovative spirit and helps to thrust this great city into its bright future. Whether you’re a young professional or a recent retiree looking for an urban abode, Chelsea luxury homes for sale offers something incredible.

What to Love

  • Beautiful new structures and well-maintained public spaces
  • Burgeoning cultural center featuring incredible artists
  • World-class dining from innovative celebrity chefs
  • Fashion-forward shopping with trendsetting designer goods

Local lifestyle

Hudson Yards is New York’s youngest community, but that shouldn’t suggest an absence of fabulous culture and community. Helping to change the way the world sees New York, Hudson Yards presents itself as a window into the future - one where the city more symbiotically exists with its history and more purposefully creates curated community spaces for residents of all ages to enjoy. The fourteen acres of parks and easy access to The High Line will make locals looking for their ideal recreational space happy.

Conveniently located in one of Manhattan’s most desirable locations, Hudson Yards also serves as the perfect basecamp for further New York exploration, and it's an easy subway ride to many of the city’s incredible museums and theaters. Hudson Yards is upscale and the city's best spot for shopping or convenience. The neighborhood blends sustainability with self-containment and hosts many amenities.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Hudson Yards is the perfect place to find your seasonal style needs. Homes for sale in Hudson Yards is within a community that mixes the finest in luxury designer goods with incredible everyday lifestyle brands with a diverse variety of storefronts. Visit the sprawling Hudson Yards Shopping Mall and enjoy an afternoon of browsing through their incredible shops.

For Asian-American cuisine that creatively incorporates fusion flair, Wild Ink pairs an artfully crafted menu with an unbeatable ambiance that makes it one of New York’s best up-and-coming eateries. Try their delicious dim sum, it’s some of the finest in New York City.

Looking for a beautiful bar that also serves fantastic upscale fare? Legacy Records is the place to go. They are known for their superb small plates, but residents of Hudson Yards particularly rave about their lasagna bolognese Bianco.

From the mind of Michelin star winner José Andres, Mercado Little Spain is an “all-day dining destination” that, according to the New York Times, “offers more delicious things to eat per square foot than anywhere else in New York”. Stop by with friends and enjoy this innovative marketplace's incredible variety of dining options.

Things to do

From fantastic entertainers to stunning art exhibits and museums, Hudson Yards is overflowing with opportunities for fun activities and nights out with friends. Offering concerts, theater pieces, and more, The Shed is an adaptable theater structure that can shift to accommodate an incredible variety of performances. An ever-evolving list of events makes it an amazing space to experience 21-century art and culture in an innovative atmosphere.

Another major attraction in Hudson Yards is Vessel, a famous architectural art installation visitors can walk through to get stunning city views. From the mind of famed architect Thomas Heatherwick, this structure is perhaps the most distinctive in all of Hudson Yards, and it’s well worth a visit.

Adventure seekers will love the thrill of City Climb. It's a one-of-a-kind experience to traverse a New York City skyscraper from the outside, but it’s not for the faint of heart!


Hudson Yards is close to New York’s many incredible higher learning institutions.

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