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Learn all the advantages of living in New York

Living in NYC is unlike any other city in the world. From the Statue of Liberty to the Broadway theaters to the non-stop excitement and melting pot culture, New York is the crown jewel of the East Coast and the largest financial center in the world. I firmly believe that NYC is the best city in the world. But don't just take our word for it. Here are a few reasons why New York City is so popular and how it compares to the best cities in America.

NYC Ranked the Best Place to Live in the US

Euromonitor International recently released its annual index of the top 100 cities in the world. The list was compiled in partnership with data company LightHouse and compared all the many cities and towns across the world on factors such as health, tourism, safety, sustainability, and economic performance. They may be a bit biased, as European cities claimed seven out of the top 10 spots. But NYC also made the list at number 8, making it the only American city to rank in the top 10. 

The top 10 cities in the world according to Euromonitor International: 

  • Paris, France
  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Rome, Italy
  • New York, USA
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • London, UK 

Other American cities that made it on the list include Los Angeles (19), Orlando (25), Miami (35), San Francisco (42), Washington DC (48) and Honolulu (67). However, NYC was ranked the top American city by a considerable margin due to its diverse culture, entertainment, and tourism offerings, and massive global influence. 

Advantages of Living in New York 

There are so many pros and cons of living in New York City. While it may not be for everyone, living in New York is a unique experience that offers easy access to some of the world's best restaurants, museums, live performance venues, and job opportunities. It also has an unmatched energy, and you can get anything you need at any time of the day, often at the click of a button. Here are a few unique advantages of living in New York City. 

Amazing Restaurants

New York is famous for its culinary scene and has more Michelin-star restaurants than any city in the US at 71. That's more than double San Francisco, which has the second most at 28. Not only does New York have fine dining options, but it also has plenty of 24-hour diners, $1 pizza shops, local hole-in-the-walls, food trucks, take-out spots, and so much more. Its melting pot culture means you can find amazing cuisine from virtually any region on the planet, and with advancements in technology, you can have that fantastic food delivered to your door through an app. 

Undivided founder Mukul Lalchandani says, "You can literally eat from a different restaurant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, every year and never have to eat at the same place twice. It's a true melting pot. Let's say one day you wake up and you want to feel like you are in Brazil, you can hop on a train and head over to little Brazil. Or say you want to eat some Burmese food, we have that. Fancy some Korean beauty products? No problem - head over to Koreatown, where you will have shopping malls filled to the brim with the latest beauty trends." 

While other major cities also have great restaurants and diversity, nothing quite compares to New York City. So, if you want to experience cultures from all over the globe, all within a radius of a few miles, New York is a good place to live. 

Astor Place street view

Cultural Capital of America (and the World)

New York City is known for being the cultural and entertainment capital of the United States (and possibly the entire world). The city is already home to close to 8.5 million people, while close to 20 million people live in the metro area. Over 60 million tourists visit New York City every year to see Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, and all the other sights and institutions the city offers. From world-class museums to Broadway shows to professional sports teams, living in NYC offers something for everyone. 

Mukul says, "Many trends usually start in New York, from new gastronomic experiences to fashion trends. Trends from other countries usually make their first foreign foray into NYC. 

Speaking of entertainment, like Broadway shows? Don't get stuck with traveling shows. All the best theater starts out of NYC, so if you don't like on-broadway shows, well, we've got a ton of off-broadway ones too." 

There are more than 25,000 entertainment and nightlife venues and 27,000 restaurants in New York City. So, no matter what kind of music, food, drinks, or entertainment you like, you can find something to suit your tastes. 

Employment Opportunities

New York also has one of the most productive economies on the planet, and job seekers will find a diverse array of employment options in competitive industries. The GDP of New York City is over $1.2 trillion, of which around $886 billion comes from Manhattan alone. That's more than some small European countries like Sweden or Belgium. 

New York City is also the largest financial center in the world and a major hub for financial services industries like banking, real estate, and insurance. It's also a major center for tech, healthcare, manufacturing, media and entertainment, fashion, and many other competitive industries. 

According to Payscale, the average salary of a New York City resident is $89,000 per year. That's close to 40% higher than the average salary in the rest of the country, which is $59,428. So, while living in New York can be expensive, the buying power of the average resident is also very high due to the abundance of high-paying jobs. 

Aerial view of Central Park

Easy Access to Transportation 

New York is also known for its easy access to transportation. Part of what makes New York unique and easy to navigate is its grid-like layout, making it simple to find your bearings and get from point A to point B. It's a very walkable city with wide, well-maintained sidewalks and crosswalks on every block. It's also a cyclist's paradise with over 1500 miles of bike lanes, hundreds of which are protected with barriers and other safety features. 

According to US News and World Report, NYC is tied with San Francisco for the best public transportation system in the country. Through a system of buses, subways, ferries, and light rails, you can get almost anywhere in the city in under an hour. Plus, the subway runs 24/7 (they don't call it the city that never sleeps for nothing!). 

Mukul says, "What city do you know that has two airports, a cable car, Ubers, taxis, you name it? Heck, you can even hire an Uber to lift you to the airport in 5 minutes by helicopter."

Grand Central Station

Convenience and Amenities 

Finally, one of the biggest advantages of living in NYC is the convenience and amenities. No matter what you need, you'll not only find a store that sells it, but you can have it delivered through an app in minutes. Whether you need groceries, dinner, transportation, tech products, or anything else, you can have it sent to your door with a few clicks of a button. 

When it comes to shopping, you can find everything from designer outlets on 5th Avenue to souvenir shops in Times Square and everything in between. You'll also find plenty of farmers' markets, thrift stores, indoor malls, food markets, and more. NYC is famous for its fantastic shopping, and you'll find outlets from nearly every major brand on the planet selling everything under the sun. 

Should You Move to New York City? 

New York City is a good place to live for young professionals, growing families, and retirees alike. It offers non-stop excitement, culture and entertainment, and an atmosphere you can't get anywhere else. It may not be everyone's cup of tea but in our humble opinion, NYC is the best city in the world. So, if you're searching for a bustling metropolis that offers something for everyone, you should seriously consider moving to New York. 

If you are looking to make a move to New York this year, reach out to our team at Undivided. We are experts at navigating buyers and sellers at every turn. Our first-class service ensures an exceptional and seamless journey from beginning to end. To get started, email us at sales@undividedre.com.

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