How The Modern Agent Became Undivided

Be a part of our journey and take a peek at what led to the change to becoming Undivided.

In today’s world, brand differentiation is critical for businesses that want to stay relevant, especially in real estate.



The Modern Agent Rebrand to Undivided


When we started more than 10 years ago, The Modern Agent was the first of its kind within the real estate industry - an agent with a branded image.  Flash forward to today, branding has become an integral part of any business. As time went on and the idea of “modern” became more widely used, we felt we could no longer differentiate our brand from the next “modern agent”. It was time to make a change and properly align our brand with our core mission— providing undivided loyalty, attention, and service to our clients.


That is why we embarked on the journey to becoming Undivided. 



Our  Mission


Our mission is to provide undivided loyalty, attention, and service with a human-first approach. Our expert knowledge of the city and its negotiating nuances grants us the agility to assist all types of buyers and sellers, from first-time homebuyers to savvy investors and international clients from all over the world. We believe in fostering strong and long-lasting client relationships and upholding integrity in everything that we do. We will guide you through the entire process in a professional manner, from beginning to end.


We aspire to be a top 1% New York City real estate team, committed to setting the benchmark of service. We pride ourselves on responding promptly with the exact information our clients need in a courteous and professional manner.


We are with you every step of the way.



Logo Change


We were drawn to the word Undivided as it set a strong and purposeful tone focusing on inclusion and building relationships. We wanted to blend the ideas surrounding multicultural inclusion, global awareness, luxury living, vertical cities with urban landscapes, and where we are, culturally. Our logo design is built from the linear lines of this vertical city.


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