Micky’s Ultimate Guide to Selling Your Home in Manhattan

Have a successful sale by following these key tips.

Selling your Manhattan home is a big undertaking that requires much of your time, energy, and resources. On the bright side, Manhattan is still a cultural epicenter for the world, making it a desirable place for global citizens to set roots and buy property. Chelsea real estate and Flatiron District homes for sale attract buyers who want to enjoy the bustling city lifestyle. It’s not unusual to see certain properties in the Big Apple selling for well above the asking price, even as the market continues to evolve. Even with it’s world-famous charm, it’s still important to follow a few key steps to get the best return on your Manhattan real estate investment.

Look into the local Manhattan Real Estate market

Overall, Manhattan is a market always in demand, bringing buyers from all over the world to this metropolis. It is the hub for many industries, including finance, technology, media, and fashion to name a few. Make sure you look into the local market, including checking in with a Manhattan Real Estate Agent, before you list your home. A comparative market analysis will reveal how similar houses in your neighborhood have sold and is a valuable tool. You may want to start to sell your home by using a home valuation tool. Find neighborhoods that would fit your personality from Chelsea Homes for Sale to Hudson Yards Homes for Sale

Hire an expert real estate agent

To have a successful sale in a competitive real estate market like Manhattan’s, it’s crucial for homeowners to work with an expert real estate agent who knows the city inside and out. Real estate agents have experience managing every part of the buying and selling process, from inspections and appraisals to marketing and negotiations. Sellers who attempt to jump into the market alone can become overwhelmed with the number of details to keep track of. Let a professional agent manage those for you so that the sale of your home goes smoothly and is as stress-free as possible.

Set a realistic timeline

Many sellers hope to get their property on and off the market as quickly as possible, but it’s important to set a realistic timeline and know everything that comes along with the sale of a home. The process will take even longer if you need to make repairs or have to sort through multiple offers. Remember that every step of the selling journey is important, especially if you want to get the most out of your sale. Work closely with your real estate agent so you know what to expect in terms of how long each step might take.

Complete any renovations or updates

Renovations are often considered a great way to increase the value of your property and therein boost your home equity before you sell. However, you may want to focus on only a few key changes instead of doing a complete overhaul of your home, or Hudson Yards luxury condo. If there are any outdated fixtures, appliances, cabinetry, or other visible features, make sure you put time into updating those first. Buyers in Manhattan place particular value on new kitchens and spa-style bathrooms, so modernizing those spaces could be in your best interest. Aside from that, refreshing the paint in neutral tones is another quick and simple way to improve your property’s appeal, as well as repainting your front door and adding some greenery to your porch for a good first impression.

Invest in home staging to sell your home

Aside from any necessary renovations or updates, home staging is the best service you can invest in when selling your house. A home stager helps you remove all personal touches from your home so it can be redecorated in a more neutral way, allowing potential homebuyers to envision themselves in the space. Sometimes, stagers use what a seller already has, only requiring them to take out family photos, clothing, and other personal items. Other times, stagers will have a seller take all of their belongings from the home so that the staging crew can bring in specific pieces of furniture and decor that highlight each room’s best features.

Make photography and marketing a priority

Along with home staging, professional photography, videography, and marketing will make your listing stand out and attract the right buyers. Professional photographers know how to capture a room from multiple angles and utilize natural and added light to ensure the photos are crisp and bright. Luxury properties in Manhattan have much to offer; you don’t want your property to appear lackluster or for key features to be left out of your listing. Clear, high-definition photos will help buyers get a feel for your home before they ever see it in person and invite them to learn more about it.

Lean on your real estate agent for support

A real estate agent has ample experience navigating all the ups and downs of selling in a competitive market. From helping clients choose the right renovations, finding a home stager, and providing expert marketing resources, a real estate agent is there to answer all of your questions and support you from start to finish. If you’re unsure what buyers are looking for in Manhattan real estate, ask your agent for their opinion on which home features are most popular. If you’re wondering how to find the right photographer or stager, your real estate agent will have a wide network of resources at their disposal.

Partner with Team Undivided today

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